Between Worlds: Gideon Stein on adaptive learning, data, and the future of ed tech


LightSail CEO Gideon Stein was recently a guest on Between Worlds, a podcast series hosted by Mike Walsh. The series features “global thinkers, innovators, and troublemakers whose ideas challenge the world as we know it.” The discussion explores the intersection of education and technology in a variety of ways, including these key points of interest:

  • 3:30: How adaptive technology reinvents personalized learning
  • 9:35: Quality texts and the keys to student engagement
  • 11:00: Why digital education isn’t the end of the book — and the ways new tech platforms enhance reading
  • 14:35: Key issues in today’s educational landscape
  • 16:14: Why LightSail made offline reading a priority
  • 21:44: Solutions to support education in the developing world

Listen to the full podcast here.


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