ESCHOOLNEWS: LightSail named as one of ‘6 tools for real formative assessment’

eschoolnewseSchool News recently highlighted the importance of formative assessments in today’s educational policy, with legislation focusing on student outcomes.  “Technology-enabled formative assessments are moving to the foreground,” states the article, because of their ability to “gauge student learning in real time.” During the era of No Child Left Behind, technology-enabled formative assessments were used infrequently, but now school districts are turning to tools that help assessments feel less like tests and more like experiences that “engage students and capture understanding.”

eSchool News highlighted six tech tools  – LightSail among them – that deliver the kinds of formative assessments needed most by teachers. These assessments help teachers “instantly take stock of what students have and haven’t gleaned from a lesson or class activity,” and adjust their instruction if the data indicates that need.

Read the entire article here.

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