Will my school need a device for every student to use LightSail?

Not at all. LightSail easily fits into both 1:1 and shared device models, and we have numerous schools using LightSail in a shared-device scenario. Because every student has a unique login, many students can access LightSail sharing the same device over the course of a school day. We would be glad to share advice about how schools can integrate LightSail into any hardware scenario.

Jennifer Zarra
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Jennifer Zarra
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"During my years of teaching, reading was not something that was enjoyed by all. It was difficult to ensure that each of my students were getting books at their level and that all of my students had access to engaging texts.

LightSail brings access to an extensive library of texts, and matches readers to texts right in their zone of proximal development. When students are able to read books that they enjoy and that are going to make them more powerful readers, the results are truly significant.

LightSail's mission to create lifelong readers is evident when I walk into the classrooms of our partner schools."

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