LightSail Announces Clever Partnership

LightSail Education Partners with Clever to Integrate Student Information System with Award-Winning Digital Literacy Platform

Collaboration Expedites Access to Largest Adaptive eLibrary

NEW YORK — (BUSINESS WIRE) — LightSail Education, a provider of K-12 digital literacy solutions, today announced that it signed a strategic partnership with Clever to seamlessly integrate student information system (SIS) data with its award-winning LightSail literacy platform. The collaboration will make it easier for schools to expedite and manage access to LightSail’s expansive eLibrary containing thousands of digital books from virtually every major publisher as well as hundreds of smaller ones.

“LightSail’s mission to help students flourish in reading and writing is one that we believe in deeply here at Clever. We look forward to supporting their continued success by enabling students and teachers to log in effortlessly.”

The LightSail platform provides students with personalized tablet-based libraries and embeds assessments and analytics in students’ texts, monitoring their Lexile measures, Common Core State Standards progress and reading habits. For teachers, it delivers real-time data along with tools designed to support best literacy instruction practices in classrooms.

“The partnership with Clever supports our mission to fuel literacy growth and effective education beyond our initial stronghold in New York City to districts and classrooms nationwide,” said Gideon Stein, Founder & CEO of LightSail Education. “Every minute that we can help teachers save on administrative tasks can be translated to reading instruction and exploration time with students and that is a win for all.”

The Clever integration allows effortless sign-on to LightSail, no longer requiring teachers to track multiple log-ons. It also provides a secure connection to a school’s SIS, pulls student enrollment rosters and demographic data, and automatically syncs that data with the LightSail literacy platform.

“We’re thrilled that LightSail chose Clever to further accelerate their rapid growth,” said Tyler Bosmeny, CEO of Clever. “LightSail’s mission to help students flourish in reading and writing is one that we believe in deeply here at Clever. We look forward to supporting their continued success by enabling students and teachers to log in effortlessly.”

Earlier this month, LightSail struck an exclusive partnership with Baker & Taylor to deliver the deepest digital library of critically acclaimed works to U.S. schools. Additionally, the company was named “Most Likely to Succeed” and “Educators’ Choice” by the Software and Information Industry Association, took top honors in the Gates Literacy Courseware Challenge and netted first place in the prestigious SXSW V2V edtech competition.

About Clever:

Clever is the simplest way for schools and districts to keep their learning software in sync with their student information systems. In the last year, over 15,000 schools across the United States have adopted the Clever technology, and over 100 innovative software applications have joined the Clever platform. In November 2012, the SIIA named Clever the “Most Innovative Company in Education,” and in March 2013, Clever was awarded first place in the SXSW LAUNCHedu competition. Clever’s headquarters are in San Francisco, CA. For more information contact Clever at (415) 562-6483,

About LightSail Education:

LightSail is the adaptive reading platform that helps students, classrooms, and school districts exceed their literacy goals. LightSail students get access to personalized libraries filled with thousands of engaging, just-right texts to choose from. Our award-winning solution embeds in-text assessments that motivate students to increase the volume of their reading along with the difficulty of the texts they choose. LightSail teachers get real-time access to meaningful data about student reading behavior, comprehension, and growth so they can provide the necessary guidance to enhance learning and encourage a love of reading.

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