Literacy Strategies and Development Tips

Practice makes perfect and this holds true when it comes to literacy development. Children who are engaged in reading on a regular basis tend to improve comprehension and reading skills at a faster rate. In addition, when combined with the correct literacy strategies, children can boost their literacy growth and maximize their Lexile performance.

There are a number of literacy strategies for reading. Instilling these habits into readers at a young age will go a long way in helping them sustain their interest in reading while constantly increasing performance.


Visualizing is one of the most important strategies to incorporate into a student’s approach to reading. The human brain is built to learn and without having to go into the complex science behind it, your mind will often connect the meaning of certain words to several objects and automatically visualize the item or appearance as you read. For instance, the word ’round’ can immediately be linked with a ball or other familiar objects instantly.

Make Connections

Now, taking reading into consideration, you will want children to find ways to connect the words they are reading to their stored knowledge. Often this is categorized as text-to-self (relating text to a past memory of something similar that happened in their own lives), text-to-text (a reminder of something similar that they have read), and text-to-world (a visual reference of something they have seen).

Educators are encouraged to stimulate all three of these skills, which will positively influence their abilities in regards to reading, storing, and recalling information.


Another important strategy is questioning. An active reader is always wondering why certain characters are behaving the way they are. When children are asking questions about the story they are reading, they become more engrossed in the book, and this can help improve comprehension. Encourage questioning by voicing the most natural questions that come to mind when reading aloud to students.

Determining Importance

It is also good for students to learn the difference between important information, and text that is simply there for description. Certain paragraphs are valuable to store in the memory for plot purposes while others can simply be enjoyed at the moment.

Start with a Solid Foundation

To assist with creating good reading habits, choose the right platform to aid literacy growth. LightSail Education is a comprehensive Lexile and standards-aligned literacy platform and digital e-book library. LightSail holistically assesses and nurtures each K-12 student on their literacy journey.  

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