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LightSail brings the best titles, complete with embedded formative assessments that engage students and adapt their reading experience to build stamina and ensure growth.

LightSail brings the best titles, complete with embedded formative assessments that engage students and adapt their reading experience to build stamina and ensure growth. Our Instruction Team has assessed nearly 10,000 of the most popular titles across 76 publishers to help build a library that will serve each of your readers, regardless of age, interest, or ability. The transition from print to digital libraries can be a big step, one that impacts your teachers, your readers, and your budget. But the acceleration in literacy and learning being experienced by the schools that have made the shift is speaking for itself.

The cornerstone of LightSail’s library is that students get access to personalized libraries filled with thousands of engaging, just-right texts to choose from based on their current Lexile®. These just-right texts are called Power Texts, which are in a student’s Zone of Proximal Development or ZPD. The Library adapts to each student, growing as they grow, providing them with higher Lexile® texts to reflect increased comprehension abilities. Now all students can discover who they are as readers through a broad and appealing library filled with great texts.

Antares Reading™
These fiction and nonfiction texts are specifically designed to engage young and developing readers. Every user has access to all 1,600 Antares books written at the BR-1100L range aimed at grades K-8, written in English and Spanish.

LightSail Classics
The LightSail Library offers more than 300 classic titles from authors such as Mark Twain, Jack London, and Charles Dickens. With unlimited copies of each title available and assessments embedded in every one, these texts are ideal for whole class novel study and guided groups.


LightSail’s library features an exciting partnership with the Rosen Publishing Group, giving LightSail students and educators access to an additional 4,500 books*. Rosen Publishing is a leading international educational publishing house that was established in 1950 to serve the needs of students in grades Pre-K -12 with high interest, curriculum-correlated materials. LightSail’s literacy coaches and the the Rosen curriculum experts have thoughtfully curated this rich and diverse library from a number of publishing partners, under the Rosen umbrella, that are trusted by educators and parents alike. The library features engaging content serving the needs of a cross section of learners at all levels.

Elementary School Middle School  High School

Cavendish Square is committed to responding to the ever-changing needs of today’s students by providing a robust, diverse list for learners from kindergarten to high school and into college.

PowerKids Press books provide the foundational learning experience that is related to language growth, emergent literacy, and reading achievement.

Rosen Central delivers a comprehensive, thoughtful voice to the middle school experience by providing insight into the self and into the events, issues, and conflicts in today’s world.

For more than sixty years, Rosen Young Adult has delivered trusted go-to resources for teens, parents, librarians, and teachers who are seeking books that explore impactful situations.

Enslow Publishing is committed to being your educational content partner in today’s evolving world. Our aim is to provide high-quality fiction and nonfiction content that will enrich student learning across the K–12 space and inspire readers to become lifelong learners.

Gareth Stevens Publishing offers engaging titles for readers pre-K through grade 6 that cover curriculum-based topics with fun twists and new perspectives to draw in readers of all levels and interests.

These titles compile The Times’s coverage of influential figures and world events, giving students unfettered access to some of the most impactful news stories of today and yesterday.

KidHaven Publishing is committed to the development of critical thinking skills in elementary students.

West 44 Books, the new hi-lo middle grade and young adult fiction imprint of Enslow Publishing, is an exciting platform for new, authentic voices and gripping stories. With West 44 Books, struggling readers, especially those from at-risk populations, no longer have to sacrifice page-turning fiction.

Working together with reading experts and educators, Windmill’s editors have developed fiction and nonfiction books that are both fun to read and that impart important information.
Greenhaven Publishing titles deliver unique perspectives that give grades 7–12+ students access to a multiplicity of viewpoints in a wide variety of subject matter.
Lucent Press is dedicated to presenting young adult readers with content that inspires them to think critically about current events, curriculum-based topics, and issues that affect their lives every day.
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