Launch with LightSail 4.3!

LightSail’s product team strives to create an intuitive and delightful experience to engage students and support teachers. We are committed to creating an app which allows every user to discover the joy of reading.

Kick off the new school year with a new version of LightSail! Version 4.3 includes a new Series Shelf, enhanced Teacher Thoughts, Login Download, simplified Lexile Timeline, and an improved search experience.

Series Shelf

Explore the new Series Shelf accessed from the menu. Your favorite series in one place, organized sequentially so you can keep the story straight! Series information is also available from text details.

Enhanced Teacher Thoughts

You’re now able to customize and adjust how your thoughts are shared. Create a thought and share it with one class, many classes, or keep it private. When a new academic period begins thoughts revert to the original note to be shared with new classes.

Thoughts will only appear in a student’s ThinkFeed when paged to in a text – no more spoilers.

Login Download

Launch LightSail faster by downloading class logins from the “Roster” section of Settings. Logins can be saved to the device or Google Drive. Temporary passwords are shown until students set permanent passwords.

Student passwords can still be reset from the “Passwords” section of Settings.

Simplified Lexile Timeline

Track student growth specific to time of year with the simplified Lexile Timeline. Now broken into four-month segments, the timeline, and corresponding Lexile threshold, is easier to read. The projected Lexile returns to display student outcomes based on current rate of growth.

Improved Search Experience

Discover texts by interest! LightSail now supports keyword and series searches in addition to author, genre and topic. Use a term to refine your search or browse all results by text covers.

Update to LightSail 4.3

These features (and more!) are available in the Apple App Store today!

Did you know?

Add a complete series to your Reading List in a single tap! Find a series you love on the Series Shelf and press the “Add All” link. Every text will appear in your Reading List for quick, easy access.

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