Bridget O’Brian

Vice President of Global Implementation

Bridget has helped teachers and administrators for almost 20 years to integrate the best literacy technology tools to enhance and focus their instruction.  She started her career as a teacher at a private, progressive elementary school where the curriculum was experiential, personalized, and collaborative. When she and her family moved to Hong Kong, she supported teachers at Hong Kong International School as their instructional technology coach. Returning to the US a few years later, Bridget joined an educational software developer to continue to pursue her passion for using technology to engage students, to inform teachers and administrators, to truly differentiate instruction, and to open access to learning so it is available anytime, anywhere a student is ready to learn. 

Bridget has a cultural anthropology BA from Wellesley College in Massachusetts and an MBA in Marketing from University of California at Berkeley. 

If she could be any fictional character from a children’s book, she would be Eloise because she made people laugh (sometimes in exasperation)  and always seemed to have interesting perspectives on her world.