Samantha Carter

Branch Manager and Business Development Manager South Africa

Samantha joined our dynamic team in May 2018, where she decided to leave the financial services industry after 22 years, to pursue a long life dream of giving back to our country by empowering the children of our nation to be better readers and to build a love of reading, whether it be in English, Afrikaans or any local mother tongue language. Samantha’s core values of trust, accountability, transparency and mutual respect, coupled with her professional skills and effective communication, places her in an advantageous position to competently serve our niche industry.

Samantha is our Branch Manager and Business Development Manager in South Africa. Samantha is constantly on the road, attending all the Educational Summits where she educates people about LightSail. She also educates people on how LightSail can assist with filling the gap in literacy in South Africa and Africa as a whole while visiting schools and communities with the hopes to extend the love of words to children all over the world.