Stephen Barber

Curriculum & Instruction Manager

Stephen started his teaching career as a Teach for America corps member in Memphis, Tennessee where he taught American Literature and Politics to 11th grade students. Following TFA, he was the founding Dean of Curriculum and Instruction at an international boarding school in South Korea. Then, he joined KIPP Houston in opening a new high school where wrote and taught the curriculum for 10th grade English and AP Literature.

A major highlight of his education career was visiting his students as freshmen in college and hearing about their intellectual curiosity and how their world has been opened up through attending college. Stephen has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Linguistics from the Ohio State University.

If Stephen could be any fictional character from a book, he would be Sherlock Holmes because he has a keen eye for detail and is able to see the intricacies and complexities of scenarios that are veiled to the common eye. When people are at a loss, Sherlock’s work has just begun.