We are creating a world where everyone can advance through the doorway of literacy

Good things happen when teachers, education advocates, and technologists join together for a massively transformative purpose


to the books students want to read and teachers want to teach


through personalized libraries and
adaptive assessments


with real-time data that fosters a
growth mindset


students, classrooms, and school
districts exceeding literacy goals

One in nine adult Americans struggle with employment outcomes as well as personal and social well-being – all because of low literacy skills. LightSail is dedicated to turning students into readers who will become engaged global citizens in the 21st Century.

So, in 2012 we got a group of the brightest minds in education together to create the world’s best literacy solution. We knew a few key things from our experience in the classroom:

    • Students grow faster when engaged and challenged by an abundance of just right texts

    • Students are motivated by understanding their own progress data

    • Educators can do more with better progress monitoring

So we set to work crafting, testing, and perfecting the reading experience we wish we had in our own schools.

Today we are advancing literacy in schools all across the US, serving hundreds of thousands of students across nearly 500 districts.

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What’s happening at LightSail
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EDTECH DIGEST: “Accelerating Literacy” with LightSail CEO Gideon Stein

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ESCHOOLNEWS: LightSail named as one of ‘6 tools for real formative assessment’

eSchool News recently highlighted the importance of formative assessments in today’s educational policy, with legislation focusing on student outcomes.  “Technology-enabled formative assessments are moving to the foreground,” states the article, because of their ability to “gauge student learning in real time.” During the era of No Child Left Behind, technology-enabled formative assessments were used infrequently, but now school districts […]

Lightsail is accelerating literacy across the country

Learn more about how other districts are using the LightSail formula to help schools and teachers offer truly differentiated literacy programs that create students who love to read.