What if your students read 30 minutes a day
in their just right zone?

LightSail at Hauppauge Public Schools

In Hauppauge, NY, LightSail is creating excitement around reading in the district’s three elementary schools and motivating students to read more than ever before. Learn from administrators, students, and teachers how LightSail is providing teachers with new insights and impacting students’ reading behavior and achievement. 

LightSail at KIPP DC

Teachers at KIPP DC Preparatory Academy in Washington, D.C., say that LightSail has changed the game for independent reading at the high school level. Students say LightSail has the books that they want to read — even outside of school —  keeps them on track to keep growing as readers. 

LightSail at Prairie Trail School

Students at this Apple Distinguished elementary school in Gurnee School District 56 are encouraged to take ownership over their learning – and it shows. Teachers at Prairie Trail foster a true 21st century learning environment and embrace student choice through station rotations and project-based learning. Technologies like LightSail are infused throughout the culture, providing new opportunities for students to grow. 

LightSail at M.S. 57

Educators at M.S. 57 have seen engagement around reading skyrocket since the school began using LightSail in 2015. Teachers noticed students reading on their iPads in the cafeteria, on the bus, and even walking down the hall. Learn how access to books created a thriving reading community in this Brooklyn school. 

LightSail at Butterfield Trail Middle School

Teachers and administrators at Butterfield Trail Middle School in Van Buren, Arkansas, live out the school’s motto, “ignite a passion for learning,” in their classrooms each day. These educators are using LightSail to help their students to fall in love with reading – and it shows! Hundreds of students are logging in and reading an average of 25+ minutes every day. 

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Happy Chinese New Year from LightSail!

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Team LightSail Abroad

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The Science Behind Lightsail

Learn about the research basis behind LightSail in this white paper created by MetaMetrics, a leading educational research organization, recognized worldwide for its distinct value in differentiating instruction and personalizing learning.