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Unparalleled Insight for Teachers

Have you ever wished you could see into student reading activity to know if they were really reading or just turning pages? LightSail’s unique design pairs ongoing assessment of reading ability with constant monitoring of reading behaviors, bringing teachers unprecedented visibility into reading progress.

Data is presented via easy-to-read dashboards, and because this data appears for teachers in real-time, they can identify and target struggling students without delay and identify high flyers who are ready for a push.

Motivational Tools for Students 

LightSail also lets students track progress as they grow as readers. Students can follow their Lexile growth, project their future reading levels based on recent performance, and chart their progress towards goals. Adaptive, personalized word walls help students keep track of close assessments they’ve missed and support continued vocabulary acquisition. Students can also see how many books they’ve read during that year and earn motivational badges as they try out new genres and increase their reading stamina.

The real-time performance analytics on students’ LightSail data dashboards encourage students to perform better on the assessments they encounter throughout the texts. The result? Better comprehension and increased ownership of learning and greater motivation to read more. By helping students make meaning of their own data, LightSail empowers their development as readers. 

Insights for your ELA Classroom

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