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Professional Development is not one size fits all. Your day with a LightSail Instructional Coach includes targeted sessions delivered on a variety of topics, and time spent in and out of the classroom collaborating to existing literacy practices.

Browse our selection of more than 50 workshops to begin building a custom day of PD that’s right for your school.

Our coach showed us how to precisely group students based on LightSail’s assessment data and how to unpack short response questions with these groups to target different skills. It really changed my instruction!”

Arielle Schaffer, Teacher
Denver Public Schools

Our coach modeled how to use LightSail’s annotation tools during a conference to record goals within the text that student is reading. This gave both me and my students a new, powerful data point for tracking their progress.

Melissa Rice, Teacher
Rockville Centre Union Free School District

LightSail customers gain access to a host of instructional resources within the LightSail Learning Community (LLC).

Jennifer Zarra
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Jennifer Zarra
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"During my years of teaching, reading was not something that was enjoyed by all. It was difficult to ensure that each of my students were getting books at their level and that all of my students had access to engaging texts.

LightSail brings access to an extensive library of texts, and matches readers to texts right in their zone of proximal development. When students are able to read books that they enjoy and that are going to make them more powerful readers, the results are truly significant.

LightSail's mission to create lifelong readers is evident when I walk into the classrooms of our partner schools."

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