What if your students read 30 minutes/day?
In their just right zone?

How would your classrooms be different? What would your test scores look like?

Lightsail supports virtually any K-12 reading program, adapting perfectly to the way you already teach.

With one major advantage – we’ve designed a digital learning experience that encourages a love of reading and motivates success in ELA.

So, could LightSail work for you? Here’s what we see in our data everyday. We are serving hundreds of thousands of students across nearly 500 districts, throughout the nation. During the last year alone, LightSail students took more than 2.9M assessments and moved more than 600k Lexile measures. And to top it off, educators were surprised with the number of minutes, hours and books students read!

LightSail Resources
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What’s Happening at LightSail
Featured Teacher: Melissa Rice, Floyd B. Watson Elementary School

Melissa Rice remembers when most of her time and energy during the reading period was spent matching her 5th graders to the right book. “It used to be an arduous task — and LightSail changed that,” said Rice, who teaches at Floyd B. Watson Elementary School in Rockville Centre, New York. When Rockville Centre piloted […]

It’s Up to Us: 4 Ways Adults Can Influence the Reading Lives of Kids

by Mitch Center, former Assistant Superintendent for Newark Public Schools Young readers of every age are undeniably influenced by the adults in their lives: whether you’re a parent, teacher, uncle, mentor or even an older sibling, you have the opportunity – and responsibility – to help the kids in your midst fall in love with […]

4 Ways Diagnostics Can Tell You Even More About Your Students

Christina Peña is a LightSail Instructional Coach. Her former students will attest that Christina loves data, class competitions, and Google Spreadsheets almost as much as she loves shoes (high heels to be exact). They never bought that her first name was Miss.   It’s that time of the year. You’ve miraculously managed to get your […]

Transform how your students learn

Superintendent Neil O'Brien says LightSail has transformed how students learn and read at AA Gates Elementary. Learn from administrators, students, and teachers how LightSail is raising literacy achievement and creating a community of readers.

The Science Behind Lightsail

Learn about the research basis behind LightSail in this white paper created by MetaMetrics, a leading educational research organization, recognized worldwide for its distinct value in differentiating instruction and personalizing learning.