3rd Grade Summer Reading List

To help avoid the summer reading slide, it is important to keep children actively reading during the summer months. If not, the amount their literacy skills can regress could leave them playing catch up when the school year begins again. With this in mind, here is the perfect 3rd-grade summer reading list for students that want to keep their literacy talents on point. 

Charlotte’s Web

Is there a more perfect novel for a 3rd-grade student than Charlotte’s Web? Written by E.B. White and originally published in 1952, it has more than lived up to the test of time. Even adults entering their twilight years can still recall trying to keep a stiff upper lip as Charlotte tells Wilbur goodbye. Furthermore, since there is a great film version of Charlotte’s Web, the students could compare and contrast the movie to the book version. 

LightSail is a complete online literacy platform that not only provides thousands and thousands of books for students of all grade levels, but also has comprehensive Lexile quizzes available to determine whether the student is comprehending the text as well as you would hope. 

The classic Charlotte’s Web is just one of the many books available for students to read through the LightSail online literacy platform. In mere moments, the student could be actively reading the novel. Plus, the parent and educator will have the ability to monitor how they are doing with the book as well. 

The Indian in the Cupboard

Every 3rd-grade student has had the magical thoughts that their toys are coming to life. Kids at this age constantly balance the line between living in reality and fantasy. The Indian in the Cupboard capitalizes on these musings as the novel has a young boy realizing his plastic toy Indian figure is alive and breathing. In addition, if the students fall in love with this novel, there are a couple more books in the series they would probably enjoy reading. 

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

It is hard to believe that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was first published in 1900 and is still capturing children’s imagination more than a hundred years later. L. Frank Baum wrote 14 books in the Oz series so if the students want to enter the wonderful land of Oz to a further degree, there are plenty more books for them to tackle. 

Freckle Juice

Freckle Juice is a short novel for students to read during the summer, but keeping in mind that 3rd-grade students may have varying degrees of reading levels, it could be fantastic for those struggling currently with their literacy skills. Written by Judy Blume and first published in 1971, it seems to be a mainstay in most classroom libraries. 

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