6th Grade Summer Reading List

For students just entering junior high, it is definitely a time for change. The teenage years are fast approaching and if students aren’t careful, their pursuit of education is going to fall to the wayside a bit too much as other things start to enter into their lives. 

Furthermore, as the summer months approach, the dreaded learning slide may happen. If active learning does not take place during the summer, much of the gains students have made in the last year may be lost. 

Here is the perfect 6th-grade summer reading list for students to keep them involved in strengthening their literacy skills. 

Tuck Everlasting

When we are younger, we always think we will live forever here on earth with our family and other loved ones. As we get older, we all experience the pain of loss. In the novel Tuck Everlasting, a family does maintain their youth, but it still does not let them escape from the grief of losing others. This wonderful novel will demonstrate to the 6th-grade students that there are drawbacks to even the most seemingly perfect situations. 

Tuck Everlasting, just like thousands of other books for all grade levels, are able to be read through LightSail, the comprehensive online literacy platform for students of all ages. Through LightSail, educators and parents can maintain a watchful eye on their students’ progress through the useful monitoring tools. 


Do you think you could last in the wilderness on your own for an extended period of time? Brian Robeson, a 13-year-old already dealing with his parents’ difficult divorce, survives a plane crash in the wilderness only to be stranded there in the novel Hatchet. Without many useful skills to draw upon, Brain figures out what needs to be accomplished to endure the wild. 

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Even though The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was written by Mark Twain and originally published in 1876, 6th-grade students will still be able to identify with Tom and many of the other characters in the novel. The book really is one exciting continuous adventure after the other. Plus, if the students love The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, there are other books in Twain’s series that the children will enjoy. 

Treasure Island

What boy would not want to find some buried treasure worth a fortune? In Treasure Island, there are maps, hidden gold, mutiny, and plenty of pirates on hand. By the time the students finish Treasure Island, they are going to be wishing they could go back in time to experience these types of mystery and action. With a few films made about this novel, students can compare and contrast the book against the movie when finished.

treasure island book
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