7th Grade Summer Reading List

Every educator would love to halt the summer learning slide dead in its tracks if possible. When students do not keep actively learning during those months off from school, they lose some of the knowledge that they have gained from the previous school year. 

To help students retain the literacy skills they have acquired, it would be a superb idea to provide a summer reading list for them to follow. With a bit of the parents’ help, the students can better themselves even when they are outside of the classroom. 

Junior high students seemingly start to become extremely interested in mysteries as their minds start to question everything. With this in mind, these mysteries would be perfect for 7th-grade students. 

The Westing Game

When discussing classic novels, The Westing Game often gets overlooked. With plenty of plot twists, it should appeal to all. Millionaire Samuel Westing passes away and leaves a vast fortune behind to be inherited. Sixteen people will have the opportunity to solve a mystery and inherit the money. The Westing Game is completely appropriate for all junior high students as well. 

To help all students have access to these books, LightSail is a comprehensive online literacy platform that enables students of all ages to have the ability to secure these novels with just a click of a button. With thousands of books to choose from, such as The Westing Game, every student will have plenty of reading material to choose from. 

The Maze Runner

The novel The Maze Runner involves kids, many the same age as the 7th-grade students who would be reading this book, trying to solve the mystery of how they ended up in the center of a giant labyrinth and how do they escape from such a place. If the students decide they would like to read more, there are other books in this series that will have them reading page after page in a quick fashion. 

Cirque Du Freak #1: A LIVING NIGHTMARE

With plenty of other books to read in this series, Cirque Du Freak #1 should interest every 7th-grade student plenty enough to have them read the entire series in just one summer. In the novel, Darren Shan and his best friend go visit the Cirque Du Freak, the freak show visiting their town. While the audience suspects that the freak show is perhaps composed of just actors and pretenders, it takes a little bit of spying by the boys to figure out that Mr. Crepsley is in fact a vampire. Unfortunately, their lives are about to change because of their snooping. 

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