Check It Out: Black History Month

harriet_tubman_and_the_underground_railroad_4The Check It Out series highlights the most popular texts on LightSail, around a specific monthly theme or topic, based on our user data. Every month we’ll share which books LightSail readers can’t stop checking out. These insights help us curate book lists for our schools that we know will keep students engaged and growing.

Every February, our nation honors the amazing contributions of black men and women who strive to advance social issues, make lasting contributions to the art world, and advance scientific inquiry. With so many powerful stories to experience, LightSail students have been reading biographies, poems and fiction works about famous black Americans this month.

Check out the top 10 Black History Month titles:

Title          Checkouts       Lexile    # of pages
1. Ballerina Dreams 202 220L  11
2. A Horn for Louis 184 250L 10
3. Baby Flo 149 60L  19
4. Barack Obama 111 650L 10
5. Black All Around 91 240L 10
6. Dog Days  (The Carver Chronicles) 91 20L 19
7. Booker T. Washington 86 70L 19
8. Who Was Harriet Tubman 78 90L 26
9. The Cart That Carried Martin 72 30L 19
10. Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.? 54 220L 12

Beyond the above selection, LightSail offers a wealth of fiction centered on the lives of Black Americans. Below are some of our student (and teacher!) favorites.

  • Bud Not Buddy (950L)
  • Chains (780L)
  • Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (920L)
  • I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (1070L)
  • One Crazy Summer (750L)

How are you celebrating Black History Month in your classroom?  Let us know by sharing this article on social media and including #checkitout in your post!

Posted on 2.Feb.17 in Product News

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