Check It Out: Celebrating Earth Day

The Check It Out series highlights the most popular texts on LightSail, around a specific monthly theme or topic, based on our user data. Every month we’ll share which books LightSail readers can’t stop checking out. These insights help us curate book lists for our schools that we know will keep students engaged and growing.

As April ushers in long-awaited blue skies and warm weather, it’s the perfect time to appreciate the wonders of our planet. On April 22nd we’ll be celebrating Earth Day across the globe, with almost 200 countries taking time to show their support for environmental protection. Now more than ever, it’s important we educate the next generation of readers to be environmentally conscious.

In addition to promoting awareness, Earth Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the countless natural wonders of the world. This month, LightSail students have also been reading about some of the most fascinating species on the planet – many of which are dangerously close to extinction. We’re excited that our readers care about our planet, and we’re proud to be able to provide them with books that allow them to explore their interest in the environment! Read on to find out more.

Check out the top 15 Earth Day titles on LightSail this month:

Title          Checkouts       Lexile    # of pages
1. All About Humpback Whales* 1,688 250L 10
2. Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C.: A Gift From Japan* 1,628 440L 9
3. Baby Panda’s Day* 1,603 250L 10
4. Earth Day* 1,504 440L 8
5. Earthquakes 1,192 690L 58
6. Global Warming* 984 450L 10
7. Deadly Poison Dart Frogs 831 830L 26
8. How Do Bees Make Honey?* 805 430L 11
9. Earthworms: Dirt’s Friend* 762 220L 11
10. Oceans* 625 240L 10
11. The Magic of Composting* 556 600L 10
12. The Great Barrier Reef* 526 440L 12
 13. Volcanoes 504 570L 51
14. Do You Really Want to Visit a Coral Reef? 463  440L 28
15. Reducing Waste 256  790L  36
*For LightSail users, these Antares Reading texts are free as a part of the complimentary LightSail Library!

This month we’re seeing some of our highest check-outs ever and LightSail readers are especially loving books from Antares Reading, which does a great job of teaching students about the world around them. Browse the entire collection here.

Is your classroom participating in any Earth Day activities?  Let us know by sharing and including #checkitout in your post!

Posted on 4.Apr.17 in Product News

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