ADHD and Hyperfocus

The most talked about symptom that comes alongside Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, is their inability to focus and sustain attention for long periods of time. On the flipside, individuals have been noted to have the ability to become hyper-focused on certain tasks and activities. Hyperfocus happens when an individual fixates on certain tasks or activities for long periods of time. They might find themselves losing track of time and spend hours working on a task without paying attention to anything else around them. When harnessed in the correct way, hyperfocus can be an ability that aids an individual with ADHD to be able to complete tasks in a manner that might seem impossible to someone with a neurotypical brain. 

1. What are the Positives of Hyperfocus for Children with ADHD?

As a parent of a child with ADHD, you have probably seen your child become hyper focused on activities that they find entertaining. They will sit for hours playing video games or watching Youtube or Netflix without moving. Children with ADHD will usually gravitate their hyperfocus towards activities that are rooted in fun and that provide them dopamine. The same hyperfocus that is seen during these activities can be translated to their academic work. When academics become stimulating to a child with ADHD, parents will begin to see the potential of their child’s abilities. It is important to keep learning engaging for children with ADHD and use games to unlock their hyperfocus abilities. The Lightsailed reading platforms gamification mode allows children with ADHD to learn while playing online games that give them the opportunity to interact with their text. Gone are the days of just picking up a book and expecting a child to read for a certain period of time. They can now play games while reading and by doing so, they will have the opportunities to unlock their hyperfocus towards positive activities. 

2. What are the Negative of Hyperfocus for Children with ADHD

While hyperfocus can be potentially beneficial for a child with ADHD, there can also be some downsides to it. When a child with ADHD does not have a limit on their screen time, they might rely on it to get all of their pleasure. A child that becomes hyper focused on Youtube videos can sit for hours enjoying their time and it will be nearly impossible for parents to transition them into a different or non-preferred task like homework. Limiting screen time on certain activities will help the ADHD brain learn not to rely on their preferred activities for enjoyment. Parents can train their child’s ADHD brain to unlock and put their hyperfocus towards their academics. 

Posted on 9.Sep.21 in Struggling Readers

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