Signs of ADHD in Teens

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, is a lifelong condition that children will be continuously learning to cope with throughout their adolescent and adult life. Although the average diagnosis for an ADHD diagnosis is age 7, there are signs that ADHD exists in teens when a teen does not have a formal ADHD diagnosis. Noticing signs and symptoms of ADHD in teens may help parents understand challenges that a teen might be having in school, at home and in the community. If you notice any of these signs in your teen, you may want to visit a healthcare provider to talk about ADHD treatment options. 

1. Struggles with Focus and Attention

Individuals with ADHD are known to struggle to sustain focus and pay attention. These challenges can affect their abilities in school and may be a contributing factor to low grades. Noticing that a teen is demonstrating the inability to sustain attention on their assigned tasks may be an indication that the teen is dealing with ADHD symptoms. Furthermore, a teen’s teacher may also notice a lack of focus in the classroom. Parents that see signs of symptoms at home may want to contact their teen’s teacher. Teachers can provide insight on how the teen is functioning in the classroom. 

Parents that notice a teen having difficulty sustaining attention should explore different options that could help increase attention. The Lightsail Personalized Reader is an effective technology tool that can decrease distractions while your teen is reading. The Personalized Reader will allow your teen to change settings and display text that is aesthetically favorable. 

2. Struggles with Conversation

Teens with ADHD may also display their symptoms in conversation. Due to their hyperactive brain, it may be difficult for a teen to keep up in or follow conversations. A teen with ADHD might be noted as talking too much, talking out of turn, or uninterested in the topic of conversation. Social situations may be difficult for teens with ADHD to navigate as they might intrude into others’ conversations or leave social situations at inappropriate times. 

3. Difficulty Keeping Up with Their School Work

A teen with ADHD may have difficulty keeping up with the demands of their school work. They may procrastinate and not know how to prioritize their tasks.It is common for teens with ADHD to display these symptoms and end up neglecting their school work completely. When given long term and multistep assignments, teens with ADHD may have difficulty knowing where to begin which could cause the teen to procrastinate.Teens that struggle with their school work might benefit from supports and scaffolds that can assist them with prioritizing tasks. The Lightsail Essay Writing software can help teens learn skills that will help them with completing longer essays. The writing module will assist students with planning, drafting, and editing which can help break down steps and not make an essay seem too daunting or difficult for a teen with ADHD. Providing support and scaffolds for learners with ADHD can help promote executive functioning skills and make learning less mentally draining. Learning the signs of ADHD in teens can help parents lead their child to independence and support them along their journey!

Posted on 9.Sep.21 in Struggling Readers

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