Prince of Demons

Authors: Reichert, Mickey Zucker
Publisher: DAW
BISAC/Subject: FIC009020, FIC009070, FIC010000
ISBN: 9781101663905, Related ISBNs: 0886777151, 0886777593, 1101663901, 9780886777159, 9780886777593
Classification: Fiction
Number of pages: 704,
Audience: General/trade
Synopsis: Book two of Mickey Zucker Reichert’s acclaimed, bestselling epic fantasy Renhsai Chronicles—Discover the intricate epic fantasy Renshai universe, infused with Norse mythology, tangled intrigue, and cataclysmic magical battles.
The balance between Law and Chaos has long been maintained by the rulers of Bearn, but the death of the current king has enabled the elves to magically substitute one of their own on the throne. Under the leadership of Dh’arlo’me, the dark elves are preparing to claim their long-sought vengeance on humankind.
But when the small party which set out to find the last heir to the throne returns, Dh’arlo’me realizes that even magic and murder combined will not be enough to overturn the balance. His solution hinges on the kingdom’s greatest burdern and treasure, the Staffs of Law and Chaos.
Within those plain pieces of wood dwell the essences of Law and Chaos, each eternally seeking its Champion to destroy the other. Lured into one Staff’s power, Dh’arlo’me seeks to seduce the mortals into championing the other. It falls to Colbey—the greatest of Renshai warriors—to select that Champion. If he chooses wrongly, all life will come to an end.
But even success will come at a high price. For the only way to insure that this danger can never arise again is for both Champions and Staffs to be totally annihilated....
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