Skein of Shadows: Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited Novel

Authors: Rockwell, Marsheila
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast Publishing
BISAC/Subject: FIC009000, FIC009020
ISBN: 9780786961399, Related ISBNs: 0786961392, 9780786961399
Classification: Fiction
Number of pages: 265,
Audience: General/trade
Synopsis: Praise for The Shard Axe by Marsheila Rockwell:
“The action is quick, brutal, and author Marsheila Rockwell does a wonderful job painting believable characters in mythical situations that are just magical enough to still be grounded in some sort of realism. The Shard Axe  . . . is a must for any fan of Dungeons and Dragons novels, fantasy novels, or the MMO.” —
"Sabira is a great fantasy noir action heroine, and her adventure had a lot of fun surprises and colorful characters. I'm happy to recommend it to others, especially fans of Eberron and DDO. It was a fun read and I look forward to further tales of the Shard Axe."
--Sigfried Trent, DDOcast
“I enjoyed [The Shard Axe] very much. It was great to see references to various DDO:U NPCs and situations. In particular I really liked a scene where the protagonist had to deal with acid-spewing traps in Stormreach’s sewers. It felt ‘like home.’ ”—Cordovan,
“Sabira d’Deneith is a fantastic character. She’s flawed and likable. . . .The beginning of the novel really throws you into things. It’s exciting, action-packed, and allows you to really get a grasp on what is going on.” —Read Between the Lines
“This is a book to be devoured in one setting.  It is fast paced with bits of backstory dropped in at choice moments that flesh out Sabira’s story perfectly.  While I am not as familiar with Eberron as I am the Forgotten Realms, this book required no previous knowledge of the Eberron setting and can be enjoyed as a standalone novel.  The key element of the story is Sabira, to say that her methods are unorthodox and she is a “bit of a rule breaker” is an understatement but she has a fierce sense of duty that guides her actions.  So her prisoners are brought in a little worse for wear?  It is part of her charm…”—Stefan’s Bookshelf


Created in conjunction with the latest update for the Dungeons & Dragons online game, this exciting adventure continues the story of Sabira from The Shard Axe, featuring an underground expedition in dark caverns, drow intrigue, powerful artifacts, and unrequited love.

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