At LightSail we combine adaptive learning and digital libraries to make literacy programs more effective. Here are the basic features that help schools and teachers offer truly differentiated literacy programs… Read more
If you receive the “LightSail is updating” message, typically accompanied with a spinning wheel, you are running an outdated version of LightSail. Please update to our latest version (v4.0)!… Read more


Any student who can read independently can use LightSail. Currently LightSail is being used by students in grades K through 12 across the country and internationally.… Read more
The beauty of LightSail is its ability to adapt perfectly into your existing practice! LightSail is designed to support any K-12 literacy model, including independent reading, small group, and whole… Read more
We’d love to set that up. Click here and we’ll contact you.… Read more
LightSail has been designed for use by teachers and students in K-12 schools and classrooms. Currently we do not have a version which can be used by individual readers and… Read more


Yes, LightSail’s HTML5 version will run on any device with a Chrome browser. In addition LightSail is also available for iPads, Chromebooks, and Android tablets. For questions about hardware and… Read more
Not at all. LightSail easily fits into both 1:1 and shared device models, and we have numerous schools using LightSail in a shared-device scenario. Because every student has a unique… Read more
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