Fluency Builder

LightSail’s Fluency Builder tool helps students develop their oral fluency, speaking and listening skills. Using any text in our platform, teachers can create a read aloud assignment. Through this assignment teachers will gain valuable insight into students’ ability to decode the text, retell the story and track their words correct per minute rate.

Additional highlights of this feature include:

  • Filter content to use targeted passages for fluency practice
  • Score using a digital Running Record and customizable rubrics
  • Add a retelling activity which will be incorporated into students’ final grade
  • Create speaking, listening and writing activities that include images, recordings, and writing components
  • Model you customized assignment questions using your state assessments such as TOEFL or IELTS
  • Students can go back and listen to themselves reading aloud the assigned text
  • Provide written or oral feedback for each assignment
  • See and print clear and organized results

Fluency Builder assignment recordings archive all year, building a digital portfolio of student progress!