What can you gain by going digital?

Going digital gives educators the tools they need to guide students to achieve their full potential as readers

Going digital diagnostic

Evaluate your current literacy program to see how your instruction, student learning and growth will benefit by moving to a digital platform.

Our mission is to ensure every student has the literacy skills to advance to their full potential. After years of experience in the classroom, we know how hard it is to achieve that goal without the proper tools.

That’s why we’ve created the Going Digital Diagnostic — to show how adopting a digital platform can help transform your students into readers.

“By using LightSail, our teachers are personalizing and fine-tuning instruction in ways that cannot be replicated with a physical book. Digital classroom tools are true "game changers" for literacy instruction, supporting literacy outcomes in our schools that were previously unimaginable — and the technology keeps improving.”

Patrick Larkin
Ed Week Contributor, NASSP’s Digital Principal of the Year 2012 and Assistant Superintendent for Learning, Burlington Public Schools, MA
Benefits of going digital
Digital libraries are more economical
Digital texts don’t wear out, and districts are purchasing e-books in-perpetuity for about the price of a hardback. District level libraries create cost-savings that didn’t exist previously.
More Insight In Less Time
Digital tools do the heavy lifting to assess students and personalize the reading experience while teachers get the insights they need to truly differentiate instruction.
All Reading Time Is Quality
Educators gain more meaningful time with students who are continually engaged and assessed while reading.
Jennifer Zarra
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Jennifer Zarra
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"During my years of teaching, reading was not something that was enjoyed by all. It was difficult to ensure that each of my students were getting books at their level and that all of my students had access to engaging texts.

LightSail brings access to an extensive library of texts, and matches readers to texts right in their zone of proximal development. When students are able to read books that they enjoy and that are going to make them more powerful readers, the results are truly significant.

LightSail's mission to create lifelong readers is evident when I walk into the classrooms of our partner schools."

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