How Lexile to Grade Level Conversions Work

Understanding Lexile to Grade Level Equivalence

There is no direct equivalence between a specific Lexile level and a specific grade level, and it is important for both educators and students to note that there are no specific books that are ‘optimal’ for a specific grade, but instead ideal books for each specific reader.

When looking at Lexile charts by Grade, you’ll note that there is a wide range of Lexile levels indicating which reading level a student could fit into. For this reason, it would essentially be an incorrect assumption to make a comparison between grade and reading level.

For example, in Grade 3 students would typically cope with books from 330L to 700L. However, this is not set in stone, and it is possible that readers could be at a higher or lower level (typically around 250L either way) at that stage of their development.

In fact, the Lexile® Framework for Reading will eliminate the potential error of pairing any particular student with books that are outside of their reading ability, regardless of their age or Grade. This common mistake can often deter students from reading, as taking on texts that are far too challenging will heavily impact their reading experience (the table below should serve as a rough guide).

Using the Lexile system allows you to determine an accurate reading level for each student, and with thousands of articles, books and other texts having been graded in complexity, readers will be adequately challenged.

LightSail’s literacy platform enhances the power of the Lexile system by ensuring students read books at their just-right level, with added flexibility and accessibility, even for readers struggling with the likes of ADHD, Dyslexia and CVI. Readers are also given the opportunity to read subject matter of their own choice.

You can buy thousands of Lexile leveled books quickly and easily on LightSail, including books from a number of notable publishers, including Penguin Random House, Lerner Publishing Group, HarperCollins, Disney Publishing and Britannica Educational Publishing to name just a few. A wide range of free* books are also available.

GradeBeginning of YearEnd of Year
11 & 121185L1385L

*Following procedures similar to those established for grades 1 through 12, the text complexity range for kindergarten was determined to be BR40L to 230L.

**Beginning Reader (BR) is a code given to readers and texts that are below 0L on the Lexile scale. The lower the number following the BR code, the more advanced the reader or text is. The higher the number, the less complex the text is or less skilled the reader is.

LightSail offers a 2,000 or a 6,000 title bundle with its student subscriptions. Other titles are available for individual purchase. Request a demo.

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