Importance of Increasing Student Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is a vital skill that young students should be improving consistently to increase their overall learning performance. Students that struggle with reading will often see an impact on their scores, which in turn can affect their confidence and lead to frustration.

It is essential that children learn not only to read a sentence, but to fully understand the true meaning behind it through developed comprehension skills. 

Reading Comprehension Strategies

There are some alarming statistics regarding the number of parents who state that their children do not enjoy reading, and often it can stem from poor reading comprehension. Educators should look to equip children with research-based reading comprehension strategies, such as simply noting words that they don’t understand and encouraging them to look up the meaning in a dictionary.

Another reading comprehension exercise to develop is to stop children from skipping over parts that they may struggle with, and encourage them to try re-reading that specific section again while providing guided assistance. There are numerous reading comprehension strategies like these that can improve comprehension skills, and in turn help younger students to maximize their Lexile® performance.

Monitor Growth

Teachers and parents should also be on alert when it comes to comprehension growth, as poor performance and growth could help identify reading problems such as dyslexia which affects approximately 15 percent of the population.

Use a Solid Reading Program

Cognitive skills, in general, can be improved upon through research-based comprehension strategies that can be learned and developed in children and adults. Introducing the right platform can significantly impact a child’s comprehension and reading ability overall, as it will help readers to identify books that resonate with their interests while still providing an adequate challenge.

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