Writing Module

Informal Writing Workshop

Informal Writing Workshops are fun, gamified writing prompts that teach through real-life writing encounters that children will want to engage in.

These workshops provide grade-appropriate scenarios for children to experience writing in an organic and relatable way like mock social media posts, fun and creative free-writing prompts, and even hashtag challenges. Children know that you don’t write essays in the real world every day, but asking them to compose a thoughtful Tweet on a current event or comment on a friend’s meme makes the need for writing real.

Teachers can assign the workshops, either choosing specific prompts for their students or offering them a “burst” of prompts that are determined by the randomized spinning of a wheel. Children can also opt to take an Informal Writing Workshop on their own and spin the wheel to see what kind of prompt they will get.

While these assignments are not gradable, to encourage fun and active participation, a parent can like or comment on a child’s response to provide encouragement and feedback. This gives teachers an invaluable opportunity to guide their child toward online literacy and competency - a necessary skill in the 21st century.