Extra, Extra! Get The Washington Post on LightSail!!

Daily news complete with embedded assessments

LightSail adds DAILY NEWS to its growing library of assessed titles!

LightSail has always been known for keeping students engaged and growing on its unique literacy platform.

Starting in March of 2016, we take a big step forward in helping our partners streamline content. Not only will LightSail offer access to a library of nearly 5,000 assessed titles, but with a recently announced partnership with The Washington Post, LightSail will also include daily articles about everything from news and current events to science and social studies!

This partnership brings school districts the ability to access daily articles from the Post complete with LightSail’s embedded, formative assessments. Each night, The Washington Post will send articles to LightSail’s Instruction Team who will then insert questions that assess reading comprehension. 

In addition, students on LightSail will have access to hundreds of great KidsPost content, The Washington Post’s daily edition for students in grades 3-8.

Ask your District Partnership Director how your students might benefit from doing all of their literacy work on the LightSail platform.

Eric Solat
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Eric Solat
Vice President of Sales