Reading Help for 11th Grade Students

In the 11th grade, students will have generally established their Lexile level and should now be at a point where they would be ready for post-secondary level material. Of course, slight growth would still be possible and there are some things that an educator could do to assist students in further developing their literacy skills.

Students in the 11th grade should boast a Lexile score of between 940L and 1210L at this point. If a particular student has not been introduced to the Lexile system, it would be a good idea to have them start the process and undergo cloze assessments to determine what level they are currently at.

Grade 11 students should be consuming reading material that is leveled between 1185L and 1385L. Understanding their Lexile level allows educators to select reading material that will offer a challenge, and as a result, assist in achieving growth.

During the last two years of high school, students generally experience little growth for their Lexile levels as many have reached their full potential by this point. However, it is certainly not impossible for a struggling student to increase their score.   This will happen through developing good reading habits. 

For instance, students should focus on reading on a daily basis with at least 30 minutes of reading every day being ideal. At the same time, cloze assessments should be used to continue to monitor their Lexile scores. Make a point of ensuring that students are continuing to pay close attention to questions in their cloze assessments to provide their truest score.

This can be assisted by introducing them to the right platform. LightSail Education is a comprehensive LexileⓇ and standards-aligned literacy platform and digital e-book library.  Including multimodal learning functionality and featuring books from leading publishers, LightSail holistically assesses and nurtures each student on their literacy journey.

The vast e-book library not only has books for sale from top publishers, but there are also a significant amount of free books for students to make use of.

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