Reading help for 3rd graders

Third grade is a significant year for young readers, and a milestone moment for those making use of the Lexile system. These early years offer the most significant growth in reading ability, and the third grade boasts the highest potential yearly growth in Lexile points, based on the typical growth rate.

Using LightSail* as the platform for online reading development, tutors or parents can quickly and easily determine a child’s reading ability and provide the help needed to improve it. Lexile levels of books, articles and other texts can line up with a child’s current lexile level to provide reading material that is adequately challenging.

LightSail featured embedded cloze assessments to determine their current Lexile level, and then matches them with the required Power Texts to improve reading performance. In the third grade, readers will typically grow by 139 Lexile points over the course of the year, at a rate of 2.7L per week.

Using LightSail’s e-reading platform for online reading, parents and teachers can easily integrate a realistic plan to help students read more frequently, even when on the go. This is the ideal way to ensure that Lexile score continue to increase, as the more a student reads, the more opportunities they will have to complete cloze assessments.

It is important that you instil a habit of carefully answering cloze assessments, as this determines more accurate Lexile measures. Students not taking cloze assessments seriously can be regular cause for teacher’s seeing Lexile dips.

It is recommended that students take at least 30 minutes per day to read, and regularly reading their allocated LightSail Power Texts™ will make them stronger readers overall.

Performance over the year showcased using color grading for current performance, allowing for an assessment at a glance for for parents and teachers. Simple colors indicated whether a child is above benchmark growth, on the right track, below what is expected, or far below their expected growth.

reading help for 3rd grade students

*LightSail offers a 2,000 or a 6,000 title bundle with its student subscriptions. Other titles are available for individual purchase. Request a demo.

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