Reading Help for 7th Grade Students

Students in the 7th grade will have already established many of their reading habits and determined the level of their annual Lexile growth, but it is not too late for them to receive additional reading assistance. The Lexile system indicates how students will, on average, improve their literacy skills and the level at which they will grow their Lexile scores.

The typical Grade 7 student will boast a Lexile score of between 735L and 1065L, and over the course of the year, they would improve their score by 68L.

Identify the Correct Reading Material for Each Student

Text complexity is a crucial element due to the fact that books leveled far above a student’s current Lexile level can discourage them from continuing to read because of the difficulty associated with it. A balanced approach is ideal, matching reading levels with the right books, and with the extensive LightSail library, students are able to proceed accordingly. This unique platform allows for moving between reading material of a student’s choice and back to Power Texts that offer a challenge.

Monitor Comprehension

Cloze assessments are another major factor in improving literacy skills, and educators should ensure that students pay close attention to these regular tests. Questions need to be understood and answered carefully, as this is directly linked to their Lexile scores. It has already been shown that a poor approach to cloze assessments often leads to unfortunate dips in Lexile levels simply because the student does not approach the exam seriously.

LightSail Education is a comprehensive LexileⓇ and standards-aligned literacy platform and digital e-book library. Including multimodal learning functionality and featuring books from leading publishers, LightSail holistically assesses and nurtures each student on their literacy journey throughout elementary, middle, and high school.

To achieve maximum growth, parents and educators should monitor that student at least spend 30 minutes reading on a daily basis. The material chosen should be graded at between 970L and 1120L, and pairing students with the right reading material will be vital in achieving the highest possible Lexile score.

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reading help for 7th grade
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