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What is the Health Check?

The health check is a very useful tool when using Rosen-LightSail HTML. Instead of testing your internet speed locally, it checks your connections and speeds with our NY server. It will tell you the internet download speed and if you are successfully connecting to all ports required for HTML to work.

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What is the required internet speed?

We recommend that each student has over 5 mb download speed on their device. If the speed is lower than 5 mb download, Rosen-LightSail will not work properly.

If my school has Ad blockers or Filters setup, will that affect LightSail?

Yes, Ad blockers and filters can affect LightSail from working properly. You need to make sure that if you have a filter setup, to whitelist (to allow the user to access the URLs and ports) the required ports and if you have ad blockers to enable LightSail. Most ad blockers allow you to click enable for specific websites. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to your IT representative.

How should my internet be setup?

We recommend that each classroom should have their own internet access point to enhance the internet connection. If you can hardwire your devices you will have the best internet connection. However, for Wi-Fi you need the router to be relatively close to the students preferably, in the classroom. If you have any questions, please have your IT representative reach out to LS support via email, chat or phone.

If 2 classrooms are close to each other, how do I ensure that each class uses its own access point and not shared?

Please speak with your IT department to control the number of connections allowed to each access point. This will ensure that each student can have at least 5 mb download speed.

If my internet is routed to a firewall will this cause connection issues?

You will need to whitelist (to allow the user to access LightSail) the required URLs and ports for LightSail to work properly.

If my firewall is also a proxy with cache can this cause issues?

We don’t recommend using a firewall that is also a proxy (A proxy firewall is a network security system that protects network resources by filtering messages at the application layer. A proxy firewall may also be called an application firewall or gateway firewall) as this can cause issues when LightSail upgrades to newer versions.

If I use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

This is ok and LightSail will work with a VPN.

What browser should I be using?

For an iPad you should only use Safari, for Chromebooks and Android devices you should only use Chrome.

What browser versions should I use?

For Chrome or iPad please make sure that you always upgrade to the newest version. For Ipad the minimum version should be 12.0 and for Chrome the minimum should be 60.

What devices can I use?

Chromebook, iPad, or Android Tablet, or any device that supports Google Chrome.

If I am using a Chromebook should I use guest mode?

We don’t recommend using guest mode on a Chromebook. The guest mode uses limited hard drive storage which would affect your use on LightSail. The memory gets erased each time the user logs out and any data gets lost (i.e. if you checked out a book).

If I encounter issues with the platform should I clear cache?

Yes, clearing cache can help solve many browser issues. Please click on the following links on how to clear cache for your device. Please note that if you clear cache, Rosen-LightSail will take a bit longer to load the first time.

  1. How to clear cache on Chrome, click here
  2. How to clear cache on Safari iPad or iPhone, click here
  3. How to clear cache on Android browser, click here

You can also test using incognito (incognito does not save cache)

  1. How to open incognito (private) on chromebook or chrome browser on a PC, click here
  2. How to open incognito on safari (Ipad or Iphone), click here
  3. How to open incognito on Android, click here

Host and Ports

Please contact your IT representative to ensure that you can properly connect to the below Host and Ports

    1. Session Storage Access Test, Session Storage Over 20 MB
      For Rosen-LightSail to work properly the browser you are using must have enough storage space of over 20 MB. The browser always checks if you have enough Hard drive memory to work properly. If you fail this, please make sure you have enough memory space.
      The content api is used to manage and generate reports to use Rosen-LightSail properly.
      Without this port, users may be blocked or denied access from using LightSail.
      This SonicWALL signature identifies legitimate SSL traffic over any port including HTTPS/443 and Secure-IMAP/993 using the SSL Certificate.
      Without this port, users may be blocked or denied access from these services. For the following hosts, [N] means any single decimal digit and * means any string not containing a period.
      These are is a required port to properly connect to Baker & Taylor”
      This is a required port to use Rosen-LightSail properly
      If you use Clever Sync, then this is a required port to sync properly
      This is required to allow small images including check marks etc. to show on Rosen-LightSail
      The Web’s largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.
    11. –
      servicebus is required to collect Rosen-LightSail data
      This is needed to allow messages and important information to show on Rosen-LightSail
      This is required for the LightSail certificate to be active
      A script tag is injected by the New Relic agent (or pasted into the webpage for standalone apps) that references the JavaScript on the CDN, which is then loaded by the browser. The loaded JavaScript collects and reports the metrics dynamically to the domain

Still have questions? Please submit a support ticket here or call us at 1.866.876.7323.

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