Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is an easy to use, highly customizable feature that adds tremendous educational value to any book in LightSail. Just like a traditional Spelling Bee, a student is given a series of words to spell. They can listen to the word, see synonyms, its part of speech, and hear it used in a sentence. When they are ready, they type the word and check their work. After the assessment, they are given a score and earn a motivational badge.

But the real power of Spelling Bee is the number of ways you can use it in your classroom. The two types of Spelling Bees are those a teacher creates and those compiled and assigned by LightSail.

When a teacher creates their own Spelling Bee, they can choose from words the student spelled incorrectly, words from a specific Lexile reading level, words their class struggled with and looked up, or any word they want to add.

The second type of Spelling Bee is one generated by LightSail. Once a student finishes a book, LightSail can offer them a Spelling Bee. This assessment contains words from the same Lexile™ range as the book. A teacher can make these Spelling Bees mandatory, offer them only on “Power Texts” (a book within 200 points +/- of a child’s Lexile score), offer them in Free Mode (when a child reads any book of their choosing), or opt to not offer a Spelling Bee at all.

The major advantage of Spelling Bees generated by LightSail is that a teacher knows it is precisely the "Just Right" level of difficulty for that specific learner. A student’s Lexile™ score can be adjusted every 15 days based on their progress, their Spelling Bees are also adjusted. With LightSail’s dynamic ability, customized and differentiated spelling words are tailored to each student.