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Students who struggle to read don't fit into a standard reading program.
For them, even looking at the first few words on the page can induce anxiety.

LightSail’s Personalized Reader supports your struggling readers with our
ready-to-use templates designed by our SPED team - and then you can
fine tune with our unique tools to meet their individual needs.

Ready-to-Use Templates Help Struggling Readers!

Our expert team of special educators created specialized templates for specific learning needs.

Use these as a foundation & then try out the additional tools for your individual reader’s needs.


A smooth-scrolling single line of visible text with spaced Comic Sans font in dark mode offers increased focus.

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Specially-designed fonts support students with dyslexia, with widened spacing between letters and words, and 3 visible lines of text. Follow along as the text highlights and hear it read aloud if you choose. Syllabification is available when needed.

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High-Functioning Autism

See words highlighted and listen as they are read aloud and then covered to move eyes forward. Spotlight a single line of text for increased focus. Timed reading time and break time increases motivation.

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Low-Functioning Autism

Only three words at a time are visible in the Reading Zone, highlighted and covered after they are read aloud. Standard settings for the same appearance each time offers predictability. Time on Task helps increase motivation with built-in breaks.

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Wandering Mind

Three lines of text with a simple font that smoothly scroll across the screen help the reader to focus as the spaced words highlight across the screen.

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Language Processing Difficulties

Read Aloud and Text-to-Speech help the student to both see and hear the words in the Reading Zone.

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Emergent Reader

Large font with syllabification helps emergent readers to sound out and track words across the screen. They can follow along as the words highlight, and even hear words read by syllable.

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"I Hate Reading"

Amp up the fun with personalization - colors, fonts, & modes. They can follow along as the words highlight, answering cloze comprehension questions until their Time on Task runs out and it’s game time!

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Anxious Student

Color-coding & soothing audio tracks can help the anxious student focus, with Time on Task helping them meet their reading-minute goals & take a focused-breathing break.

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The Negotiator

Time on Task helps you bring the fun! Personalize with colors so this template can be their own, while games & focused breathing help to break up the time. Students feel in control with these features.

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ADHD and Dyslexia

Dark mode with an increased font size helps sustain focus. Following along, the student can stop to hear syllabified words read aloud.

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Low Progressing Regular Ed/Title Student

Make reading easier with Comic Sans in larger font with increased spacing between letters and words. Read aloud or silently with a word-to-word moving black arrow for easy tracking. Offer timed reading with game or deep breathing breaks in between to increase motivation.

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Down Syndrome

Predictability & standardized tools supports students, with easier text plus pictures & larger font. The Time on Task helps to break up the reading time with break activities.

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Follow along with as text is read aloud, with a single line visible with increased spaces between words. Tap to hear individual words read aloud.

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Predictability is key, with minimum wording, graphics, and choices. Three words at a time in a dyslexic-friendly font, highlighting and then covered as they are read aloud in a slower pace.

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A single line of text with syllabified words allows students to follow along as words are framed and highlighted and/or read aloud by syllable at a decreased pace.

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The revolutionary World Bubble mode offers independence for CVI students as they follow along as words are read aloud. Spacing between words and letters can be adjusted as well.

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Specific text adaptations focus on increased font size and spacing between letters, and color contrast between the words and the background. Words are underlined as they are read aloud.

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With our Personalized Reader, students can try each of our unique tools
to create customized support for their reading journey

CustomFonts VisibleLines ScreenContrast FollowAlong ReadAloud BlurMode HighlightShading Cover &Reveal WordBubbles(CVI) NewsTickerMode Spotlight &Laser Tools Time onTask Text-to-Speech
CustomFonts VisibleLines ScreenContrast FollowAlong ReadAloud BlurMode HighlightShading Cover &Reveal WordBubbles(CVI) NewsTickerMode Spotlight &Laser Tools Time onTask Text-to-Speech


Jenae, Mom of 1

“My daughter is dyslexic and we struggle to do any reading. With Power Texts and Word-by-Word Audiobooks, she can follow along with the words visually while hearing it read aloud. Total gamechanger!“

- Jenae, Mom of 1

Madeline, mom of 5

“The ADHD + Dyslexia template blew my son away. Every feature was perfect, & we loved the fonts for dyslexia. All of a sudden, every book he wanted to read, he was willing to try!“

- Madeline, mom of 5

Ross, dad of 3

“The ChildSafe Content Controls give me peace of mind. No other website allows parents to guide what their child sees and reads like LightSail!“

- Ross, dad of 3


Mateo, 9 years old

“Before LightSail, I hated to read. Now I see that with Time on Task, I can read and have fun breaks for games or breathing. I also like the green boxes to check if I understand what I’m reading.“

- Mateo, 9 years old

Maisie, 12 years old

“I love space, and, on LightSail, I can read about astronauts, watch videos on space vehicles, write a letter to NASA, and even Livestream astronauts repairing a ship!“

- Maisie, 12 years old

Aya, 6 years old

“I love how the words are big and I can hear them read aloud, even bit by bit. It helps me to sound out new words and then hear them!“

- Aya, 6 years old

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