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See how LightSail takes a spiral approach to teaching vocabulary that is both immersive and individualized.

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Spelling Bees in LightSail build phonemic awareness and vocabulary skills while providing a child with words at their precise Lexile® level, which constantly adjusts as they progress.

Parents can create and assign Spelling Bees to their child using LightSail’s premade word lists or by choosing their own words.

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Features that make us great!

From one-of-a-kind tools for struggling readers to parental controls, come see the more than 100 features that make LightSail a complete language arts solution

Learn how LightSail’s library is tailored to your child’s reading level!

Our Approach

Our Approach

LightSail offers a wide range of modules to guide children step by step, through different types of reading and writing scenarios, all tailored specifically to a child’s ability and interests.



Seamlessly assess and track your child’s progress! LightSail provides automated grading for many assignments, as well as pre-made grading rubrics, and grading guidance and samples from highly experienced teachers so you can measure and share your child’s progress with their teachers and other professionals.

Social Media

Social Media

In this digitally connected world, children love the motivation and encouragement they get from letting their friends and family celebrate their accomplishments and cheer on their progress.

Assignment Module

Assignment Module

A comprehensive assignment module covering our four pillars of literacy: reading, writing, vocabulary, and fluency.

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Learn how LightSail uses


Motivate struggling readers with fun challenges and rewards!

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Meet the educators who contributed to our vocabulary modules.

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30 Minutes a Day + 5 Days a Week + 3 Months = GUARANTEE your child’s independent reading level will improve.*

* Measured by Lexile® level after completing the Power Challenge and by then reading Power Texts on LightSail's Platform.

Why Children Love LightSail

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How many parent accounts are included with a childs license?

Every family account includes 2 parent accounts

I am part of a homeschool group and we share teaching responsibilities. How can I access those accounts?

LightSail has created a Teacher/Coach role that can connect with multiple accounts. This is available as an add-on purchase. This account acts as additional parent with full teacher control to all connected accounts.

Is your platform only Faith-Based?

LightSail is available for both Faith-Based and Non Faith-Based families. A parent can choose to allow Faith-Based content or hide Faith-Based content including Library Collections and Lesson Plans. LightSail has created hundred of Faith-Based and non Faith-Based Library Collections, Bookmarks, Quotations, and Lesson Plans.

If I want to purchase a book with your E-Commerce store, do I have to buy a copy for each license I purchased?

No, when you purchase a book using our E-Commerce store you only need to purchase 1 copy for your entire family. Your purchase includes unlimited checkouts.

How does LightSail’s childsafe protection work?

At LightSail, a parent’s ability to oversee their child’s online experience and align it with their faith and values is of the utmost importance. To this end, LightSail contains an entire suite of parental control features and never-before-seen ChildSafe Content Controls giving parents ultimate peace of mind.

These content controls contain dozens of nuanced subcategories for potentially objectionable material based on both maturity and religious factors. Then, it shows parents if a book contains a reference to any of those subcategories and allows them to block or allow single titles or entire subcategories for each child individually. Our ChildSafe Content Controls offer unprecedented insight into and control over the content your children consume without the need to read every book in advance.

  • Block or allow individual pieces of content.
  • Block or allow entire subcategories of content.
  • Require a child to request parental approval before opening entire subcategories of content.
  • Block, allow, or require requesting parental approval for all Classics library content.
  • Block or require requesting parental approval for all unrated content.

Click here to learn more about all of our parental controls.

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We are LightSail for struggling readers - a complete language arts platform built on the shoulders of LightSail Education, advancing the literacy skills of struggling readers through individualized, evidence-based strategies and content.

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