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Famous People with ADHD

When an individual with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder learns to cope with their symptoms caused by their diagnosis, they can unlock unmatched potential that can allow them to achieve their goals. Throughout history, there have been many accomplished individuals that have displayed ADHD symptoms. Lightsail has an abundance of online books about famous individuals. Children with ADHD may find joy in reading about successful people that share their diagnosis and push them toward unlocking their own potential. 

1. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein changed the course of history by conducting research and being one of the most successful physicists to ever live. Making his discoveries even more impressive, Albert Einstein is suspected to have lived with ADHD symptoms. It is documented that Einstein was often forgetful and unorganized, both symptoms that are closely related to symptoms of ADHD. 

2. Bill Gates

The Microsoft founder, philanthropist, and billionaire has talked about his struggles with ADHD. BIll Gates has spoken about how his symptoms contributed to him dropping out of Harvard to pursue starting Microsoft. It has obviously worked out for Bill Gates and his ADHD brain may have been a contributing factor to his success. 

3. John F. Kennedy

It has been noted that former U.S. President, John F. Kennedy struggled with focus and attention throughout this life. A lack of focus and attention contributed to his struggles in school. He was not an ideal student. Even though he displayed ADHD symptoms, he was able to achieve success and become a prominent figure in U.S politics. 

4. Michael Phelps

As one of the most decorated olympic athletes in history, Michael Phelps leaned on swimming as an outlet to help him cope with his hyperactivity. He was able to channel his energy into a positive activity and eventually won 28 olympic medals.

5. Richard Branson

Most recently, Richard Branson is known for his adventures to outer space. Over the years, Branson has been able to cope with his ADHD and learning struggles to becomes one of the richest people in U.S history.

Posted on 9.Sep.21 in ADHD

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