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Introduction to our Corporate Solutions

LightSail is a complete and adaptive literacy platform that serves as a turnkey educational e-reading, writing, and learning platform. Our advanced content management and distribution capabilities mean that faith communities can personalize a learning ecosystem to fit their community’s unique needs. LightSail is specially equipped to help large and small faith-based organizations, churches, ministries, and associations educate and disciple their communities of faith.


LightSail is a comprehensive and innovative literacy platform with proven pedagogical methods and adaptive assessment tools. LightSail's superior data analytics is a powerful tool for understanding learner progress and engagement at all organizational levels:

LightSail's vast array of multimedia content weaves dozens of learning modules and hundreds of features across the four pillars of literacy: reading, writing, vocabulary, and fluency. We support any learner from age 2 to 102.

Lexile® Framework

LightSail uses the Lexile® framework to automatically match learners with books, articles, and other content at just the right level to maximize engagement, understanding, retention, and personal growth. The Lexile® Framework for Reading is a scientifically validated method for assessing both the complexity of written text and a person’s precise reading level. Underpinned by decades of literacy and educational research, The Lexile® Framework for Reading is externally validated by hundreds of studies at leading universities.

Faith-Based Publishers

LightSail contains content and features specifically for the Christian community. Every LightSail subscription includes:

We partner with leading Christian publishers, such as Zondervan, Baker Publishing, and others, to offer the latest and most in-demand faith-based content.

Tailored Content

Faith-based organizations have unique content requirements. LightSail offers organizations the ability to customize their community’s library offerings with preferred foundational texts and translations. When it comes to tailoring the content experience for community members, our content team will work with publishers of the organization’s choosing to curate specific libraries that align with their educational objectives.

Curated Libraries

Whether organizations already actively publish their own print or digital texts and materials — or have previously invested in curating text assets — we offer the ability to incorporate their published materials and text assets into their LightSail library with ease and at scale. The ability to include previously curated texts — irrespective of print or digital format — represents a significant opportunity to extend an organization's historical investment.

Memory Work and Library Collections

LightSail has developed unique features for organizing and studying Bible verses and passages and a one-of-a-kind Memory Work feature to help commit verses to memory. We also offer subscribers dozens of pre-made faith-based Library Collections. These are curated groups of books, articles, videos, and other multimedia resources organized around a central theme or topic and can include discussion questions and assessment quizzes.

Lesson Plans

LightSail enables organizations to build their own lesson plans or select from our library of ready-made faith-based lesson plans. These lesson plans were created exclusively for LightSail learners by our experts with backgrounds in teaching and hearts for sharing the love of God. Lessons include:

These activities, and more—are all designed to deepen a student's understanding of a Biblical theme.

ChildSafe Content Controls

Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated content filters cannot protect our communities from the pervasive volume of unsafe and inappropriate content on the web. Educators and parents alike are rightfully concerned about the safety of children and learners when it comes to navigating online resources. Faith-based organizations are particularly sensitive to the nuances of both content suitability and the message contained within. Therefore, LightSail’s platform features an entire suite of organizational and parental control tools. Our leading-edge ChildSafe Content Controls is a world-first tool that ensures every child's library is both age-appropriate and aligned with a community's chosen values.


LightSail offers companies and organizations of any size, budget, or mission the opportunity to reach their communities in a new way - through literacy. Our learning ecosystem is adaptable for organizations with any target audience. Organizations may desire quality Christian content and structured lessons for a few small-group Bible studies; need to serve the needs of an entire Sunday School for a mega-church; extend their regional, national or international presence with distance and remote learning; or be looking to educate their congregation on the family level. In any context, LightSail can scale a solution to match their goals, vision, size, and budget.

Content Management

LightSail multiplies the reach and value of resources communities already have. Organizations can:

LightSail has a proven methodology for curating disparate sources of text, audio, and video content into compelling and flexible learning resources. Ingestion and curation of customized content and learning materials are performed with user-friendly in-application tools such as our Content Builder module or LightSail's Publishing and Content Management module.

The Content Management module includes a complete workflow and editorial approval engine for an organization’s content team to create and ingest assessment and multimodal content (for example, video and augmented reality) and render the content within the LightSail educational e-reader. This functionality is entirely scalable and can serve boutique and at-scale content production teams.

Livestream Capabilities

Faith-based organizations can livestream services to their congregants or allow them to access archives of past services. Livestreams can be linked to related content like sermon notes, Bible references, or hymns. LightSail’s advanced data analytics provide information on which services are the most popular, in addition to providing insights on the engagement of individual learners and groups with the LightSail ecosystem and learning resources.

Brand Identity

Organizations may also white label the LightSail platform with their own brand identity, providing a familiar and unified learning experience for their community.

World-Wide Reach

LightSail offers innovative options to organizations looking to spread the gospel of Christ around the world. We address literacy challenges with features including:

Additionally, LightSail’s Literacy-in-a-Box innovation presents a significant, powerful, and increasingly urgent value proposition to providing life-changing literacy intervention, at scale, in low-, no-, and emerging-connectivity contexts in the developing world.

Support for Other Languages

LightSail supports learners in any language. Our platform user interface, for both learners and educators, can be translated into any language. Our e-reader and content ingestion engine support all languages. In addition, we have extensive offerings of Spanish language books and a Spanish language literacy assessment.

Literacy and Faith

LightSail has always sought to balance sound pedagogical rigor while fostering a love for reading through innovation, technology, and great content. Now, with our faith-based content and tools, those abilities can be leveraged by faith-based organizations as a medium for sharing both literacy and their community's message with people around the globe.

LightSail invites you to contact our team and share your organization's needs, goals, and vision. We can craft a unique solution to help you educate your community and deepen their collective faith.

Money back

Our Pledge

We guarantee that if your child reads on LightSail for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 90 days that their Lexile® level will improve. If it doesn’t, we will give you 100% of your money back.

Why Children Love LightSail

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How many parent accounts are included with a childs license?

Every family account includes 2 parent accounts

I am part of a homeschool group and we share teaching responsibilities. How can I access those accounts?

LightSail has created a Teacher/Coach role that can connect with multiple accounts. This is available as an add-on purchase. This account acts as additional parent with full teacher control to all connected accounts.

Is your platform only Faith-Based?

LightSail is available for both Faith-Based and Non Faith-Based families. A parent can choose to allow Faith-Based content or hide Faith-Based content including Library Collections and Lesson Plans. LightSail has created hundred of Faith-Based and non Faith-Based Library Collections, Bookmarks, Quotations, and Lesson Plans.

If I want to purchase a book with your E-Commerce store, do I have to buy a copy for each license I purchased?

No, when you purchase a book using our E-Commerce store you only need to purchase 1 copy for your entire family. Your purchase includes unlimited checkouts.

How does LightSail’s childsafe protection work?

At LightSail, a parent’s ability to oversee their child’s online experience and align it with their faith and values is of the utmost importance. To this end, LightSail contains an entire suite of parental control features and never-before-seen ChildSafe Content Controls giving parents ultimate peace of mind.

These content controls contain dozens of nuanced subcategories for potentially objectionable material based on both maturity and religious factors. Then, it shows parents if a book contains a reference to any of those subcategories and allows them to block or allow single titles or entire subcategories for each child individually. Our ChildSafe Content Controls offer unprecedented insight into and control over the content your children consume without the need to read every book in advance.

  • Block or allow individual pieces of content.
  • Block or allow entire subcategories of content.
  • Require a child to request parental approval before opening entire subcategories of content.
  • Block, allow, or require requesting parental approval for all Classics library content.
  • Block or require requesting parental approval for all unrated content.

Click here to learn more about all of our parental controls.

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We are LightSail for struggling readers - a complete language arts platform built on the shoulders of LightSail Education, advancing the literacy skills of struggling readers through individualized, evidence-based strategies and content.

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