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Try LightSail for FREE for up to 7 kids! Instant access to thousands of books. Sign-up

Quick Start Guide for Students and their Families

Welcome to LightSail! We are excited to help you become a stronger reader!

You can also download this guide in pdf format, just click the download button: Download

Step 1- Go to https://reader.lightsailed.com on a Chrome or Safari browser. Enter your username and password, and you’ll be on your Dashboard! (Note: Your teacher may also tell you to login using your Google or Microsoft email or by using Clever or ClassLink and look for the LightSail icon on your desktop.)

Step 2- Click here to learn about the Power Challenge assessment which is the starting point for students in Rosen-LightSail. Taken this assessment is optional, just click the button to skip the assessment. You will not see this assessment if you already took it in school this year or if your teacher turned it off.

Step 3 - Watch this short video to learn about your own personal Student Dashboard.

Step 4 – Watch this short video to see the tools in your eReader.

Step 5 – Watch this short video to learn how to use your skills to answer the important Cloze questions in your books. A good goal is to get an average score of 75% correct or better on those questions!

Step 6 - You’ll notice some of your books have a green lightning bolt on the cover. These are your Power Texts, or books we recommend because they are in your just right reading zone (not too hard and not too easy!) As you read in Rosen-LightSail, we’ll watch to see how well you answer the Cloze questions (those little green boxes covering words in your book.) If we see you doing a great job, we’ll make new Power Text recommendations and you’ll see your Lexile level grow!


You will be asked to read a Power Text every other book. You can check here in the top left of your screen to see if you can have a Free Choice book (a star) or if you should read a Power Text (a lightning bolt.)


Step 7 – You can check out 2 books at a time from our Library. (If your teacher assigns a book to you, that won’t count towards the 2 you can check out on your own.) If you want to check a book back in before you finish it, click the open book icon at the top right of your screen. All of your work will be saved, and you can check it out again later.


Step 8Short Response and Multiple-Choice questions are also in some of the books you’ll read in Rosen- LightSail. These questions help you stop and think about what you are reading and let your teachers know how well you are doing on certain reading skills.

Step 9 – Check your Portfolio from your main menu to see how well you are doing in each book and look for any feedback from your teacher on your Short Response questions.

Step 10 – Check out your personalized vocabulary tool! Open Word Work from your main menu. It is a neat feature that lets you practice improving your vocabulary. We are watching as you read your books and do your Cloze questions (green boxes). You earn badges if you can get all your Cloze words right – in a row! But if you miss a word, we’ll save that missed word for you in Word Work where you can try it again. Click here to see how to use your Word Work tool! You can earn more badges by practicing and retaking your missed Clozes in Word Work!

Have fun reading and learning in Rosen-LightSail!