The LightSail Library

Thousands of high-quality fiction and non-fiction texts free for LightSail users

We’ve made it a priority to include an extensive selection of diverse, high-quality content with your purchase of LightSail so that every student has access to exceptional texts. Through partnerships with leading content providers like The Washington Post and Antares Reading, The LightSail Library gives classrooms more than 6,000 e-books and articles written across topics and genres at a wide range of Lexile measures for students from grades K-12. With unlimited copies of each title available to students and LightSail’s assessments embedded throughout every text, the instructional possibilities are endless.

The Washington Post
Daily news and current events are now available to classrooms from one of the country’s leading newspapers. Five daily articles and 200+ archived pieces empower students to build their knowledge across a variety of subjects. Ideal for upper middle and high school classrooms, each article is embedded with assessments.

Articles in this section of The Washington Post are designed to give students insight into important news happening nationally, and internationally. LightSail readers receive approximately 10 articles per month plus access to more than 200 archived articles, all with assessments embedded. These texts are available at a range of Lexile measures and are ideal for middle school classrooms.

News For Kids
Written expressly for elementary students, this news source exposes kids to world news and a range of topics. LightSail users receive three daily articles, each written at three different Lexile measures, in English and one daily article in Spanish, plus 200 additional archived Spanish articles. These articles are ideal for elementary classrooms from 1st – 5th grade.

LightSail Classics
The LightSail Library offers more than 300 classic titles from authors such as William Shakespeare, Jack London, and Charles Dickens. With unlimited copies of each title available and assessments embedded in every one, these texts are ideal for whole class novel study and guided groups. LightSail’s annotation and discussion tools allow teachers to make these texts accessible to more readers than ever before.

In Partnership with
Antares Reading

Antares Reading provides short-form, nonfiction books across a wide variety of topics in English and Spanish that are exquisitely illustrated to engage and support young readers. These informational texts allow students to make connections between their everyday world and increasingly complex ideas, building foundational literacy skills, comprehension, and world knowledge. Antares Reading takes kids seriously, treating concepts with fidelity while honoring the age of its readers. The books prioritize diversity and reflect contemporary society, depicting a spectrum of races, ages, and family structures.

Ready to Expand?

LightSail is designed to scale with your content needs. We help schools and districts improve literacy outcomes by embedding assessment into books that students already read and that teachers routinely teach. Our instructional team has assessed another 6,000+ of the most popular titles across 71 publishers to help you build out a custom supplemental library when you are ready to expand. Learn more about our custom library packages, curated by our team of experts, for elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms.