Simple. Fun. Powerful - and Stress-Free.

When students face off in bracketed LightSailReading Tournaments,
everyone wins.

Educators set the parameters and LightSail does the rest.

Students get real-time alerts to stay in the game.

Goodbye, paperwork. Hello, reading growth!
So easy to do, you'll use our tourneys year-round!

More Than Just Minutes Read...

This is not your old school paper-and-pen reading competition!

LightSail's customizable Tournament of Books will excite your 21st-century students.

With a few clicks, your students can compete in tournaments within your class, school, or district.

Align to Curriculum

Align the Reading Tournament to your curriculum by selecting genres/topics or even specific titles from over 10K high-interest books to support your instruction.

Increase Growth

Guarantee literacy growth by requiring students to read in LightSail's Power Text mode and measure your tournament by Cloze counts for comprehension.

Ensure Equity

Ensure equity and personalized reading for all students by requiring Power Text mode in tournaments.

Track Real Results

LightSail's Tournament module tracks EVERYTHING for you and even tabulates the results, encouraging transparency and healthy competition.

Start Your Own Tournament...

You’re just 3 clicks away!

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