Lexile Grading for Books

How Are Books Given a Lexile Level?

Determining the Lexile level for books is a crucial part of the Lexile system, and in turn, allows for students to be paired with the appropriate reading material for improving literacy skills.

The Lexile system assesses text complexity along with the reading ability of each individual student and matches them up accordingly. This is why the framework is so powerful and has proven to be a useful tool in the classroom in regard to literacy development.

Determining the Reading Level of a Book

Numerous factors go into determining the Lexile measure of any piece of written work. Books and articles are divided into sections of approximately 125 words. These passages are then assessed using the Lexile corpus, which contains roughly 600 million words that are taken from a wide range of sources.

A number of factors are taken into consideration by the Lexile analyzer, including the length of sentences and the vocabulary used. Each text goes through the complex calculation and once all sections have been assessed, the Rasch psychometric model is used to work out the specific level of the entire text.

Matching Each Student with the Correct Reading Level

Lexile measurements ensure that individual students can be adequately challenged throughout their academic journey, which will also allow them to maximize their Lexile growth in each grade in a quest to get them to college reading level by the time they graduate high school.

Each reader is unique and as such, so are their individual interests and literacy performances. To get the best out of every individual student, and ensure that they have all the tools needed to grow, introducing the right reading material can be beneficial to their performance – especially in early grades where readers can grow by up to 100L annually.

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