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Early Learning

Early Learning resources provides many different activities for young learners. Your child can play games and do activities that build knowledge and skills. These are offered in a printable format for items like mazes, dot-to-dot pages, and other pre-writing skill pages. There are also online games for your child that help to develop technology and basic educational skills.

There are Early Learning stories for your child that are narrated and utilize text highlighting to help your child build basic reading skills. These are categorized to help your child find stories of interest and contain photographs or illustrations to add to your child’s understanding.

Early Learning also offers creative art and drawing activities. These are available in both printable and online formats. Your child will be able to demonstrate their creativity with their scenes of dinosaurs, flowers, or their own masterpiece.

Early Learning

  • Hundreds of engaging and educational videos for young ones that are categorized by subject and designed to provide visual, real-world examples of high-interest topics.
  • Hundreds of educational games and activities that build knowledge and skills, including printables like mazes and dot-to-dot pages, that provide hands-on practice developing fine motor and pre-writing skills, plus online games, like paint-by-number, concentration, alphabet tracing, and more that develop technology skills while children play and learn.
  • Hundreds of stories for young children that are both narrated and have text highlighting to help children build reading skills. These stories are grouped into a wide variety of familiar categories young kids love, like creepy crawlies, wild animals, people at work, and weather, and all contain beautiful photographs or illustrations to enhance the text.
  • Dozens of art and drawing activities, both printable and online, that allow children to unleash their creativity and color dinosaurs, flowers, birds, and more or create their own masterpieces.

LightSail has interactive, educational content beginning from the preschool years. Through our partnership with World Book, we provide you with Early Learning resources.

These learning games entertain your child as they build foundational skills. Within Early Learning resources, LightSail provides read aloud capabilities while using intuitive icons so that your pre-reader can navigate and learn independently.

Videos are categorized by subject and designed to provide visual, real-world examples of high-interest topics.


From Paint-by-Numbers to Concentration, the games and activities reinforce foundational concepts through play.


Narrated stories spread across a range of Lexile levels expose early and emergent readers to a wide variety of concepts and vocabulary. Then, children are guided to related games to strengthen their understanding of what they just read. Borrowed and adapted with pride from World Book Digimag.






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How do I know what books are right for my child?

LightSail takes the guesswork out of choosing books for your child by tailoring each child’s library to their precise reading level.

By honing in on a child’s precise Lexile reading score, LightSail can match them with books that are at that “just-right” level to promote optimal reading progress.

And because LightSail contains such a wide-ranging array of content, there is always a vast selection of books for any topic or interest.

What ages/grades is LightSail for?

LightSail’s Premium and Standard subscriptions are designed for children in grades 3 through 12 (ages 8-18).

We also have a World Book Kids subscription for grades 1 through 2 (ages 5-7) and a World Book Early Learners subscription for PreK through K (ages 2-5).

Is LightSail different from an Amazon Kindle or other e-readers?

Unlike static e-readers, LightSail doesn’t just offer children books.

Every book and article in LightSail contains 6 layers of added features that let your child experience books.

By adapting to a child’s precise reading ability, offering them content that is at that “just-right” reading level to promote literacy growth, and providing a fully customizable, rewarding reading experience, LightSail unlocks the magic of reading in ways no physical book or static e-reader can.

What types of parental control do I have over my child’s activity and content?

In short, complete control.

LightSail contains an entire suite of parental control features that govern every aspect of the platform from video viewing, to chats, to what content can be seen and accessed.

Additionally, LightSail’s revolutionary ChildSafe Content Controls lets parents screen and block content according to dozens of nuanced subcategories based on maturity factors, family values, and religious topics.

How can I make reading fun for my child?

LightSail incorporates gamification features into every aspect of the platform, especially reading!

By integrating badges, goals and milestones, social sharing options, motivational messages, and the ability for parents to add customizable gift rewards, LightSail incentivizes reading, writing, and learning just like kids’ favorite games.

Parental Controls

Parental Controls allows you to relax while your child is in LightSail. You have complete oversight of all of your child's activities. The ChildSafe matrix lets you control the content your child is allowed to read. You will be guided through the Parental Controls set up, so you never have to worry about whether a book is not appropriate for your child.

About Us

We are LightSail for Reading at Home-a literacy and language arts platform adapted from LightSail Education. LightSail Education has been working to advance literacy skills in K-12 schools since 2012.


LightSail has built gamification into every step of your child’s journey. They can set goals, earn badges, use social sharing, and gift rewards. These practices make learning in LightSail fun and rewarding. Your child will be encouraged and excited to read.

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