Reading Help for 4th Grade Students

Getting the right reading help for 4th-grade students will allow developing children to maximize their academic growth. The Lexile system has become popular around the globe, and when combined with the right reading platform, it can be a powerful tool.

Children entering the 4th grade can still experience tremendous Lexile growth, with students generally scoring between 445L and 810L on the Lexile scale.

This means that there is a possibility 4th-grade students can grow their scores by approximately 122L. In addition, studies have also shown that children in this grade can read text that is leveled between 740L and 940L in terms of difficulty, so there is a real opportunity for these students to experience amazing growth during this time.

How to Increase Lexile Scores

To achieve higher Lexile scores, it is essential that students develop the habit of reading for at least 30 minutes every day. Time invested into reading is not enough though, and it is vital that children are challenged by the reading material in an adequate manner.

To determine the correct reading level, cloze assessments should be completed with questions being read carefully. Instilling this habit in students early on will help to prevent Lexile dips in upper grades as students familiarize themselves with the optimal routine for these assessments.

Why LightSail?

Choosing the LightSail platform allows tutors and parents to offer readers a personalized learning application that will help foster reading engagement, improve reading comprehension, and challenge students with Power Texts.

LightSail’s platform allows readers to switch between reading material of their choice, along with curated Power Texts that will drive academic growth. This balance is crucial as it ensures that readers take on reading material that does not greatly exceed their level, which could discourage them from reading further.

LightSail Education is a comprehensive LexileⓇ and standards-aligned literacy platform and digital e-book library.  Including multimodal learning functionality and featuring books from leading publishers, LightSail holistically assesses and nurtures each student on their K-12 literacy journey.

The comprehensive e-book library offers countless popular titles from renowned publishers, such as the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series which has gained popularity around the world.

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