Reading Help for 5th Grade Students

Grade 5 is still among the grades that offer readers the highest growth possibilities in terms of Lexile scores, and as such, it is important for teachers and tutors to pair children with the right texts and reading platforms. The Lexile system helps to determine the reading ability of any individual child, and with the thousands of graded texts to choose from, readers can be provided books that will adequately challenge them.

Creating the right reading habits in these early years and beyond can assist in preventing Lexile dips at later stages of a child’s school career, and as such, will assist in helping them reach an acceptable college reading level by the time they graduate high school.

Plenty of Time to Still Improve Literacy Skills

In the 5th grade, on average, students are still able to increase their Lexile scores by over 100L in the space of a year, with the average student scoring between 565L and 910L overall. Reading material provided to students in Grade 5 can be leveled from 830L to 1010L in terms of difficulty. To determine the correct reading level of each student, it is important to focus on cloze assessments.

These regular tests can offer an accurate indication of the reading ability of individual children. However, this is only the case if students are actively participating to the questions and answering accordingly.

Encourage Reading Habits

Furthermore, children can still develop strong reading habits in these early school years and ensuring that a child reads for at least 30 minutes per day will assist in maximizing their literacy skill growth. Using Power Texts to adequately challenge readers with also continuously improve their reading ability, while at the same time assisting in improved reading comprehension.

Providing text that is far too difficult for a student can discourage reading. This is where the correct reading platform can assist in ensuring the proper books and text are used for each individual student

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reading help for 5th grade
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