Reading Help for 8th Grade Students

Students entering high school will often need to shift their focus from rapid reading development to achieving steady gains in the pursuit of being ready to read at a college level once they graduate. Although they are likely to have already developed a number of habits, there are still platforms available for educators to provide effective reading help for 8th grade students.

Typically, a student in the 8th grade will have a Lexile score of between 805L and 1100L. Ideally, students should already be well versed in the Lexile system and how it works, but there are elements that teachers can focus on to help a reader achieve maximum growth.

Generally, growth of around 52L is achievable in this grade, with students ideally growing approximately by 1L per week. To achieve this, it is important that educators and parents monitor that each student is reading regularly, with it being recommended that at least 30 minutes of reading is done on a daily basis.

Choose Books that Students Will Be Interested in

Text selection continues to be an important factor in aiding growth, and students in this grade will typically read books that have been graded between 1010L and 1185L. Achieving the correct balance in this regard will be crucial in offering students the required challenge to test and improve their literacy skills. In an effort to motivate the 8th grade students to want to read more often, choose books that are of interest to them. If the text is something they are truly interested in, they will read even more than the 30 minutes a day and enjoy it in the process.

This can be done by making use of the correct platform. LightSail Education is a comprehensive LexileⓇ and standards-aligned literacy platform and digital e-book library. Including multimodal learning functionality and featuring books from leading publishers, LightSail holistically assesses and nurtures each student on their K-12 literacy journey.

The extensive e-book library LightSail offers provides a number of popular titles from some of the world’s leading publishers. Get everything from classics to biographies and everything in between that will inspire the 8th grade students to become serious readers.

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