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What is Dyslexia?

Posted on 7.Sep.21 in Dyslexia

Dyslexia is riddled with misunderstandings from over the years.  Even now, a quick internet search yields lots of outdated misinformation.  Since at one time dyslexia was referred to as “word blindness” it is no wonder that many people think of dyslexia as a visual issue. The early explanations of dyslexia said that there were defects […]

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Does my Five-Year-Old have Dyslexia? How to Identify Dyslexia and Help your Child

Posted on 7.Sep.21 in Dyslexia

The earlier we can support children with dyslexia, the better!1 That’s why recognizing early signs of dyslexia can be important. In this article we will review a few signs of dyslexia that you could notice in your five-year-old, as well as some helpful supports if you see these signs.  1. Signs and Symptoms All children […]

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ADHD and Motivation

Posted on 7.Sep.21 in ADHD

A common concern that a parent might have for their child with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder is that they display a lack of motivation. Asking a child with ADHD to perform a simple and mundane task can turn into a major obstacle in many households. A lack of motivation in children with ADHD is not because […]

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What Parents Should Know When Dyslexia Impacts Writing

Posted on 7.Sep.21 in Dyslexia

Helping your child who has dyslexia with the writing process can be confusing and frustrating.  A child who has dyslexia may struggle to get their ideas onto paper.  The spelling and mechanical difficulties can overshadow their understanding of a topic.  Sometimes children who are dyslexic may only write the minimum required, as the steps of […]

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ADHD Strategies

Posted on 7.Sep.21 in ADHD

Having a child that is diagnosed or displaying symptoms of Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  can bring an uneasy and overwhelming feeling to parents. Many parents do not know where to begin when thinking about how they are going to help their child cope with their ADHD symptoms. In the beginning, it may seem that nothing […]

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How Does ADHD Affect a Child’s Reading Ability?

Posted on 6.Sep.21 in ADHD

For a child with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder reading can be a struggle and at times may seem impossible. Lack of ability to maintain focus and attention is a symptom associated with ADHD.  Successful readers need to be able to attend to a task and focus.  Children with ADHD often think of reading as an unbearable […]

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What is Phonological Dyslexia?

Posted on 6.Sep.21 in Dyslexia

While ‘phonological dyslexia’ is not an official type of dyslexia, when your child receives a diagnosis of dyslexia, you may be given information about a specific area of reading they have trouble with, such as phonological processing. Because each child with dyslexia can present with different symptoms, this ‘subtype’ can provide you with more information […]

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Is Dyslexia Curable?

Posted on 6.Sep.21 in Dyslexia

Dyslexia is based in the phonological system of the brain.  Dyslexia causes difficulty with the phonology of language.  Phonology is the sound system of language.  When a child has difficulty with their phonological system, they don’t understand how language can be broken into sounds or that the sounds can be manipulated.  Dyslexia is a lifelong […]

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ADHD and Hyperfocus

Posted on 6.Sep.21 in ADHD

The most talked about symptom that comes alongside Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, is their inability to focus and sustain attention for long periods of time. On the flipside, individuals have been noted to have the ability to become hyper-focused on certain tasks and activities. Hyperfocus happens when an individual fixates on certain tasks or activities […]

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