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Clarity Mapping: An I AM HERE Companion of Prompts, Guided Journaling, and Mantras, LeMieux, Ashley

Clarity Mapping: An I AM HERE Companion of Prompts, Guided Journaling, and Mantras

Author: LeMieux, Ashley
Publisher: HarperOne
ISBN: 9780063027862, Related ISBNs: 0063027860, 9780063027855, 9780063027862
Classification: Non-Fiction


With this life-changing companion workbook to I Am Here, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and author Ashley LeMieux guides you from pain to clarity and healing and inspires and empowers you to chart a course to the future you deserve.

The intense pressures of modern life have left too many of us feeing trapped or hopeless in our daily lives, and seemingly without a way forward. In this invaluable workbook, Ashley LeMieux teaches you how to use the insights she introduced in I Am Here to get yourself unstuck. Following her guidance, you will learn how to use the incredible tool she calls “Clarity Mapping” to define your own priorities and create a plan to get you moving toward your dreams.

Clarity Mapping brings meaningful change and inspiration to your daily life, helping you align yourself to your true purpose by focusing on five simple yet profound questions: 

  • What is my intention?
  • Why am I worthy?
  • Who can I serve?
  • What can I set down?
  • Who is the truest version of myself today?

Ashley shows you how to establish a morning practice that will keep you accountable to the change you want to see in yourself and your world. Daily mantras such as, “I have permission to love myself” and “I am full of goodness and courage,” allow you to reframe your reality to align with your true values. Journal prompts like “How would forgiveness set you free?” and “What does love feel like?” lead you to discover your deepest truths. Combined with Ashley’s wisdom, these nourishing daily practices are the foundation that will allow you to unlock your inner power and guide you on your journey of growth.

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